LEGO Marvel's Avengers Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies
Complete all ''Earth's Mightiest'' challenges
Complete all ''The Collector'' challenges
Complete all level challenges
Unlock all characters
Use all 8 teamwork moves
Complete all Manhattan and Helicarrier challenges
Unlock all vehicles
Complete all character side missions
Chain together 4 Hyper Jumps as Hulk
Smash 10 objects using Hulk's punch on a wall
Perform a repulsor blast during a landing slide. Use this to smash an object.
Smash 25 Hydrants in Manhattan
Earn gold ratings in all the Time Trial challenges
Earn a Gold Rating in every Smash Challenge
Complete the Prologue Levels
Complete the Avengers Assemble Levels
Complete the Age of Ultron Levels
Perform a teamwork move with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner
Perform a teamwork move with Iron Man and War Machine
Defeat 30 enemies using 400% charge attacks
Defeat 3 enemies at once with the Beam Reflector teamwork move
Defeat 20 enemies with the Shield Shockwave teamwork move
Perform 10 stealth finishers as Loki
Defeat 10 enemies as Ant-Man (Classic) while shrunk
Defeat 6 enemies at once with Iron Man missiles
Use all of Hawkeye's trick arrow types
Throw Beta-Ray Bill with Hulk
Unlock all the Iron Man suits
Smash 10 objects using a Hyper Jump Slam
Spawn the S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier on the large helicarrier
Smash the piano in Avengers Tower as Hawkeye
Smash the 10 Helicarrier fuel tankers with the Quinjet
Perform the ''Heartbreaker'' finishing move
Fly the Squirrel-A-Gig as Squirrel Girl