LEGO Jurassic World Trophy List

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Complete all other trophies
Complete Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 4
Complete Chapter 5
Complete Chapter 6
Complete Chapter 7
Complete Chapter 8
Complete Chapter 9
Complete Chapter 10
Complete Chapter 11
Complete Chapter 12
Complete the Movie 1 bonus level
Complete the Movie 2 bonus level
Complete the Movie 3 bonus level
Complete the Movie 4 bonus level
Complete all Story Levels
Collect an Amber Brick
Collect all Amber Bricks
Collect all Red Bricks
Heal all Dinosaurs
Unlock all Dino Holograms
Collect all Collectables in the Medium Paddock
Collect all Collectables in the Large Paddock
Achieve 100% Completion
Enable the Stud Magnet Red Brick
Collect 65,000,000 LEGO studs
Collect 2,000,000,000 LEGO studs
Place a custom Dinosaur in a Paddock
Use the Camouflage ability as a custom Dinosaur
Customise a Spinosaurus
Rummage in some Dinosaur droppings
Try to use an InGen Panel as Alan Grant
Fail an InGen Panel once
Solve two Equation Panels
Build a LEGO object using Mr. DNA
Get zapped by electricity in the Raptor Enclosure level
As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at an enemy character
Complete Dennis Nedry's shooting gallery in the Medium Paddock
Complete all Photographs
Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him)
Sneak past a Dinosaur using Camouflage
Obtain "True Survivor" in any level
Obtain "True Survivor" in all levels
Defeat 50 Compy Goons