Lego Battles: Ninjago Trophy List

Master of Spinjitzu Master of Spinjitzu
Collect all other trophies
Level With Me Level With Me
Complete all "Level Complete" challenges
Deep Pockets Deep Pockets
Complete all "True Ninja" challenges
Not So Humble Collector Not So Humble Collector
Complete all "Collector" challenges
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
Complete all challenges
Character Party Character Party
Unlock all characters
Martial Arts Expert Martial Arts Expert
Perform 50 finishing moves
I Know Spinjitzu I Know Spinjitzu
Defeat 100 enemies with Spinjitzu
Surprise Party Surprise Party
Perform 10 takedowns from stealth
Hypnosisss Hypnosisss
Hypnotise 10 enemies
Ninja Go Ninja Go
Unlock all Ninja characters
Slither Pit Slither Pit
Unlock all Serpentine characters
Bad to the Bone Bad to the Bone
Unlock all Skulkin characters
Nindroids 2.0 Nindroids 2.0
Unlock all Nindroid characters
Tournament of Elements Tournament of Elements
Unlock all Tournament characters
Selective Memory Selective Memory
Finish Chapter 1
Snakes in the Sand Snakes in the Sand
Finish Chapter 2
Earth to Cole Earth to Cole
Finish Chapter 3
Volcanic Activity Volcanic Activity
Finish Chapter 4
Chill Out Chill Out
Finish Chapter 5
Fully Charged Fully Charged
Finish Chapter 6
Not my Vault Not my Vault
Finish Chapter 7
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers
Finish Chapter 8
Bitter Suite Memories Bitter Suite Memories
Finish Chapter 9
Out Of This World Out Of This World
Finish Chapter 10
Dragon's Eye View Dragon's Eye View
Explore all the areas on the Ninjago Island map
Scrap That Scrap That
Complete all Scrap Builds in the game
Tornado of Creation Tornado of Creation
Complete all Tornado of Creations in the game
I Dareth You I Dareth You
Defeat 10 enemies using Dareth's Zoojitzu moves
The Purple One The Purple One
Collect a purple stud
Unstoppable Object Unstoppable Object
Smash through 20 objects using vehicle boost in the driving levels
Burn Nation Burn Nation
Smash 10 objects on the Ninjago Island Map
Hit and Missile Hit and Missile
Defeat 6 enemies in a row with missiles in a flying jet level
Bad Breath Bad Breath
Defeat 3 enemies in a row with dragon breath in a flying dragon level
Solid Snike Solid Snike
Defeat 10 enemies in a level with Snike