Lara Croft GO Trophy List

A true adventurer A true adventurer
Collect all trophies
Key of Snakes Key of Snakes
Collected the Key of Snakes
Key of Stones Key of Stones
Collected the Key of Stones
Key of Spirits Key of Spirits
Collect the Key of Spirits
Atlas of Beyond Atlas of Beyond
Discovered the Atlas of Beyond
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Find a Relic Fragment
Historian Historian
Complete a Relic
Preservation Society Preservation Society
Destroy all Vases
Curator Curator
Complete all Relics
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Ophidiophobia Ophidiophobia
Kill the Queen
Getting crafty Getting crafty
Stack two Pillars
Master Builder Master Builder
Stack three Pillars
Gathering moss Gathering moss
Get crushed by a Boulder
Into the abyss Into the abyss
Kill a creature by making it fall to its death
Put this apple on your head Put this apple on your head
Throw a spear six nodes or farther
Immortal no more Immortal no more
Unearth the Shard of Life
Déjà-vu Déjà-vu
Slay the same creature four times in a row
Back to reality Back to reality
Return from the Mirror of Spirits