Lacrosse 16 Trophy List

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Collect all Trophies.
Cleanly win a face off.
Prevent the opposition from scoring in a game.
Score a goal from over 30 yards.
Hit the post with a shot.
Score while a man down.
Win a game on All American difficulty.
Score three goals in a game with one player.
Score a goal after faking out the goalie.
Score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.
Score a goal after linking 20 passes in the attacking half.
Score a goal with all shot types in a single game.
Score 10 goals with behind the back shots.
Steal the ball 50 times with a stick check.
Score 50 goals with a long stick.
Win a game at every stadium.
Reach User Level 5.
Reach User Level 20.
Reach User Level 50.
Knock over 50 players with body checks.
Score 50 goals with diving shots.
Win 100 games.
Complete 1000 passes in any game mode.
Score 1000 goals in any game mode.
Complete all three challenges in a casual game.
Complete all game objectives in a career game.
Get drafted by a Pro League team.
Get drafted to play in an All Star game in career mode.
Win game MVP 10 times as a player in career.
Reach the tournament finals series in career mode.
Complete a season objective in career mode.
Win 5 Championships (College or Pro).
Have your character win a Pro Championship as a player and then as a coach.
Create a character in the Academy.
Create and share a team in the Academy.
Defeat the Big Ant team then view the entire credits sequence.