Trophy List

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You've discovered all the mysteries of the LA-MULANA ruins!
Opened the entrance to La-Mulana.
Received damnation.
Obliterated Amphisbaena.
Started HARD MODE.
Receive the help of the fairies.
Obliterated Sakit.
Mulbruk awakens.
Squashed by the falling sun.
Obliterated Ellmac.
Dived into a pot.
Flattened by a falling giant.
Obtained the Wing.
Obliterated Bahamut.
Obtained Future Development Company.
Revealed Eden.
Proved that you are indeed small.
Obtained La-Mulana.
Obliterated Viy.
Opened the entrance to The Gate of Time.
Obtained all Life Gems.
Completed the entire adventure within 20 hours.
Obliterated all guardians.
Obtained the Ocarina of The Philosophers.
Learned ancient La-Mulana words.
Challenge the balance of the spirits.
Completed the entire adventure within 40 hours.
Completed the adventure.
Obliterated Tiamat.
Obliterated Baphomet.
Completed the entire adventure within 10 hours.
Obliterated Palenque.
Obtained all maps.
Unlocked all fairy locks.
Obtained Beo La-Mulana.
Smooshed by a Super Punch.
Found every NIGORO staff member.
Surprised Shunderia.
Opened all small treasure boxes.
Unlocked the HELL TEMPLE.
Called a fairy from every fairy point.
Got all emails.
Completed the HELL TEMPLE.
Obliterated all guardians in HARD mode.
Watched the ending with the entire cast present.
Bathed in the Surface hot spring 100 times.
Opened the backdoor to the Tower of the Goddess.
Everyone's here, but only you feel like it's summer.
Everyone in the ending has that summer feeling.
Completed the HELL TEMPLE without the Fairy's Vest.
Ate curry in a variety of situations.
Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons.
Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons in HARD MODE.