LA Cops Trophy List

Platinum Badge Platinum Badge
Only the best of the best earn the right to wear a platinum cop badge.
100 Kills 100 Kills
Kill 100 criminals.
200 Kills 200 Kills
Kill 200 criminals.
400 Kills 400 Kills
Kill 400 criminals.
600 Kills 600 Kills
Kill 600 criminals.
1000 Kills 1000 Kills
Kill 1000 criminals.
All Arrests All Arrests
Arrest all criminals in any level.
All Missions All Missions
Complete all the game missions in normal mode.
Game Completed Game Completed
Complete all 8 main story missions.
Hardcore Mode Hardcore Mode
Complete all the game missions in Hardcore Mode.
Max Stats Max Stats
Fully upgrade a Cop and purchase all weapons.
Nightmare Mode Nightmare Mode
Complete all the game missions in Nightmare Mode.
No Deaths No Deaths
Finish any level without losing any Cops.
No Hits No Hits
Finish a level without any of your Cops getting hit.