Kung Fu Rabbit Trophy List

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Finish a level with the Mexican Avenger.
Pick up a carrot. Use your carrots in the Dojo to purchase new equipment!
Pick up a gold carrot. These carrots are worth more than ordinary carrots, and reappear at the end of a level. Play levels over to collect the carrots.
Collect 15 carrots. Now go to the Dojo to purchase a Power Aura.
Collect 60 carrots. You can now go to the Dojo to train in the following technique: Death from the sky.
Kill an enemy after you die. Banzai!!
Kill more than 100 enemies during your journey. It's absolute slaughter.
Show you've got lots of vigour by using a Power Aura.
Kill two enemies with one blow. That's what you call economising.
Get killed in less than 2 seconds. This feat will remain written in the annals for centuries and centuries.
Finish a secret level. The secret levels contain harder and harder challenges.
Finish the bonus levels to become a real Master of the Secrets.
Stay on one of these ghost walls when it appears to get yourself walled in alive!
You have died over 100 times and you're still here!
You died over 20 times in the same level!
Finish all three worlds. The enemies are coming back in strength. More, stronger, uglier! Finally a bit of fun…
You finally won. They're erecting statues in your honour and fans are throwing flower petals before you. You're pure class.