duplicate Kromaia Omega Trophy List

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You’re a true conqueror of worlds.
Unlock the Alpha Armor.
Defeat Vermis.
Unlock the Tau Armor.
Defeat Teuthus.
Unlock the Mu Armor.
Defeat Argos.
Unlock the Psi Armor.
Defeat Orion.
Unlock the Omega Armor.
Obtain the Spinner.
Clear every dimension.
Complete the game.
Obtain every treasure.
Score 25,000 In Score Attack Mode.
Score 50,000 In Score Attack Mode.
Score 100,000 In Score Attack Mode.
Reach the Sun.
Reach the end and unlock Super-Frame Mode 1.
Reach the end for a second time and unlock Super-Frame Mode 2.
Unlock Super-Frame Mode 3.
Unlock Super-Frame Mode 4.
Achieve a x100 hit combo.
Beat a boss without taking any damage.
Completed Pure Mode.