Koi Trophy List

In Full Bloom In Full Bloom
Open all the flowers in the game.
Super Star Super Star
Collect all the Stars in the game.
I remember I remember
Collect all the Puzzle Pieces in the game
Scales in all colors Scales in all colors
Unlock all the Skins
Until the End Until the End
Complete every level.
Fast as Lightning Fast as Lightning
Dodge 20 attacks of the Black Fish
The Edge The Edge
Reach the frontier of the 3rd part of Level 7.
Stalker Stalker
Remain undiscovered by the Black Fish in Levels 2 and 5
Fish Bait Fish Bait
Suffer 20 attacks by the Black Fish.
Super Splash Super Splash
Complete the upstream part of Level 7 in under 3 minutes
Sink or Swim Sink or Swim
Complete the upstream part of Level 7 in over 3 minutes
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Ribbit Ribbit
Don't miss a single encounter with Old Toad.
Papa Fish Papa Fish
Lead more than 50 small fish in total.
Ouch Ouch
Bump into an obstacle 200 times
Went the Distance Went the Distance
Total distance traveled over 8000 meters
On Time's Side On Time's Side
Total play time is 24 hours
Flashy Flashy
Make an opened flower light up 30 times
Sparky Sparky
Get hit by sparks 5 times
Like a Fish in the Water Like a Fish in the Water
Avoid being hit by a single spark in Level 6