Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Trophy List

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Gather all other Trophies
Unlock the knight class
Unlock the Necromancer class
Unlock the Barbarian class
Unlock the Hunter class
Unlock the Shaman class
Unlock the Bard class
Kill a dragon
Roll 1 in any random roll
Roll 20 in any random roll
Use a potion while full health
Continue the game after a game over
Unlock the Game Developers that made the game
Complete a campaign using all 5 Game Developers as characters
Play with 12 unique classes in game
Play with 17 unique characters in game
Win a battle with 7 monsters
Kill an elite minion
Visit your Kitchen inside the game
Spend 9.001 gold
Earn 9.001 gold
Buy the highest weapon upgrade available
Buy the highest armor upgrade available
Reach Level 5 with any character
Reach Level 15 with any character
Reach Level 30 with any character
Reach Level 30 in a trio
Reach Level 30 with every character of your group
Finished the campaign
Choose a weird combination of character and class
Reach Level 15 in a specific Spell
Make the blacksmith dance
Unlock a new master
Unlock all masters
Gather a grindstone by mining veins
Gather 10 grindstones from veins
Finish the main storyline within 465 days
Visit 32 unique locations in the game
Buy 40 goodies in the game
Clear a dungeon
Clear 10 dungeons
Clear 50 dungeons