King's Quest™ Trophy List

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Fed a steak to a Wedzel Wolf.
Opened door to Achaka three times.
A Dyed Badger ate Bees.
Found a Mysterious Cave Entrance.
Walked into a Dragon's Mouth.
Took a Brief Nap.
Presented an Eye to enter the Tournament.
Defeated Acorn in the Duel of Strength.
Defeated Whisper in the Duel of Speed.
Told the Story about becoming a Knight.
Was a Snack for a Majestic Unicorn.
Walked into the Spiniferous Thornweeds.
Saved a Picnic, Got a Wedzel Patch, Completed the Potion.
Danced in the Dark.
Blew on many Horns.
Tried to Catch a Toad, Got a Frog in Throat.
Walked on Water.
Got some air.
Found all gold in Chapter 2.
Found all pages in Chapter 2.
Reunited two best friends.
Escaped the goblin prison.
Tummy troubles.
Escaped without any townspeople taken away.
Healed Bramble.
Completed Chapter 2.