Killzone: Mercenary Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Complete mission contract 'Justice For All'
Complete mission contract 'Code Of Engagement'
Complete mission contract 'Lightning Strike'
Complete mission contract 'Diplomatic Incident'
Complete mission contract 'The Package'
Complete mission contract 'Lights Out'
Complete mission contract 'Hostile Takeover'
Complete mission contract 'Blood Money'
Complete all mission contracts
Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty
Complete all Covert contracts
Complete all Demolition contracts
Complete all Precision contracts
Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts
Collect all intel items
Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes
Visit Blackjack's Armoury during a mission
Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer
Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer
Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer
Complete a Multiplayer game round
Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds
Recover after being tranquilised by an enemy in Multiplayer
Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes
Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule
Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer
Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer
Interrogate an enemy
Achieve 1000 headshots
Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively
Kill an enemy at long range
Attain an ace Valour card ranking
Collect a full deck of Valour cards
Earn 1,000,000 Vektan dollars
Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer
Brutal melee an enemy from behind whilst using the Ghost VAN-Guard
Kill 10,000 enemies
Make a purchase in Blackjack's armoury
Buy everything in Blackjack's armoury
Use every weapon, grenade, armour and VAN-Guard available in Blackjack's armoury
Access the Security Centre without triggering the alarm in 'Justice For All'
Interrogate the Captain in the Judge's chamber and save his hostage in 'Justice For All'
Destroy the Helghast Tank without using a D-Charge in 'Justice For All'
Kill all troops before they rappel out of a dropship
Complete 'The Package' without any civillian casualties
Destroy all barnacles in 'The Package'
Destroy the Helghast extraction dropship in 'Lights Out'
Ensure Dr Savic. dies in 'Hostile Takeover'
Ensure Dr Savic. lives in 'Hostile Takeover'
Burn an enemy in the Lab 01 incinerator in 'Blood Money'
Lock the Admiral in the Vault and detonate the demolition charges in 'Blood Money'
In 'Exit Wounds', successfully melee Benoit from behind.