Killing Floor: Incursion Trophy List

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Earn all other Trophies including hidden trophies.
Get 2000 points in Holdout.
Get 5000 points in Holdout.
Get 7000 points in Holdout.
Get 10000 points in Holdout.
Get 5 kills while in Zed Time.
Kill a boss in Holdout in 1 shot.
Kill a Scrake with only knives.
Kill a Fleshpound with only knives and pistols.
Kill a Husk with a thrown knife.
Kill a Zed at long range with a thrown knife.
Stroke the axe "5" number of times consecutively
Dual-wield Zed limbs.
Blow yourself up with a grenade.
Completely dismember a Zed.
Revive your partner in co-op.
Beat a map with only melee attacks.
Beat a map with only guns.
Beat Farmhouse in Solo.
Beat Catacombs in Solo.
Beat Paris in Solo.
Beat Biotics in Solo.
Beat Farmhouse in Co-op.
Beat Catacombs in Co-op.
Beat Paris in Co-op.
Beat Biotics in Co-op.
Beat game on Hardcore (Hard mode).
Give the data to Foster
Give the data to Emma/Patriarch
Get the "Do Nothing" Ending