Killer Is Dead Trophy List

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Collected all Trophies.
Completed Episode 1.
Completed Episode 2.
Completed Episode 3.
Completed Episode 4.
Completed Episode 5.
Completed Episode 6.
Completed Episode 7.
Completed Episode 8.
Completed Episode 9.
Completed Episode 10.
Completed Episode 11.
Completed Episode 12.
Killed 100 enemies using head shots.
Used "Just Guard" 100 times.
Used "Dodge Burst" 100 times.
Killed an enemy using the "Burst Rush."
Sliced an enemy upward and finished it in the air.
Killed an enemy with an enemy attack.
Increased BLOOD to maximum upgrade level.
Increased HEALTH to maximum upgrade level.
Have a total of $100 million in cash.
Changed costume to Ulti-Mondo.
Collected all female costumes.
Made Natalia your prisoner in body and soul.
Made Koharu your prisoner in body and soul.
Made Scarlett your prisoner in body and soul.
Increased all Attack and Special skills.
Increased all sub-weapons to maximum upgrade level.
Unlocked 6 challenge missions.
Unlocked 12 challenge missions.
Unlocked all challenge missions.
Cleared 6 challenge missions.
Cleared 12 challenge missions.
Cleared all challenge missions.
Cleared 3 sub-missions.
Cleared 6 sub-missions.
Cleared all sub-missions.
Ranked AAA executioner on 12 missions.
Ranked AAA executioner on 24 missions.
Ranked AAA executioner on 44 missions.
Received 20 rewards from the beauties.
Cleared all episodes on Normal Mode.
Cleared all episodes on Hard Mode.
Cleared all episodes on Very Hard Mode.
Cleared all missions.
Got revived by Mika 20 times.
Gave a present 50 times or more.