Kill Strain Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Reach lifetime score of 666,666 points
Complete 10 missions
Complete matches starting as 5 different characters (Mercenaries or Mutants)
Get at least 3 Gold medals in a match
Collect 20 unique augments
Upgrade 3 Masteries to Max Tier
Be the last Mercenary by the end of a match
Complete 30 matches of Kill Strain
Kill a total of 80 Mercenaries and 40 Mutants
Turn 20 Mercenaries
Get 8 kills without dying in a match
Get turned and then turn an ex mercenary teammate in a match
Kill 50 Mutants with a MEC
Upgrade a Mastery to Max Tier
Kill 100 Alpha Pods by throwing an ARCC or with a MEC
Spread strain 250 times
Deliver an ARCC at the Drop Zone and kill an Alpha Strain Pod in one match
Turn your first mercenary as a starting mutant
Open an Augment pack
Equip a Mastery to a Mercenary and Mutant
Complete a game as a Mercenary and starting Mutant
Deal 100,000 damage to a Mercenary base
Kill 10 Mutants
Activate 20 MECs
Escape death by turning into a MEC with less than 5% health
Save a teammate Mercenary from turning
Survive a mutant drag by struggling
Take 10,000 player damage as a mutant in one life
Kill 10 Mercenaries
Deal 100,000 damage to the Mutant base