Just Cause 4 Trophy List

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Earn all Just Cause 4 Trophies
Secure Illapa
Discover every Location in the game
Secure every Supply Drop Blueprint
Finish Operation Sandstinger
Finish Operation Windwalker
Finish Operation Thunderbarge
Reach Army of Chaos Level 14
Secure every Region
Get on the Leaderboard for every Feat
Unlock every Grappling Hook Mod
Help Garland King finally finish her picture
Uncover the mysteries of the Lost Tomb of Otorongo
Help Sargento stop an invasion of Black Hand reinforcements
Uncover every Ancient Statue
Film every Speed Stunt
Destroy every Surveillance Airship
Film every Vehicle Stunt
Film every Wingsuit Stunt
Secure every Factory
Discover 50% of all discoverable Locations
Stand on foot at the highest point in Solís
Destroy a vehicle with the PBX Auto-Slug 4 shotgun's "Ricochet" secondary fire
Turn 10 Black Hand into Cows using the Cow Gun in a single session
Crash into a flying airplane with your own plane
Recruit every Pilot
Use only the Air Lifter for 15 non-consecutive minutes -- Booster and Retract can't be active!
Use only the Retract for 15 non-consecutive minutes -- Booster and Air Lifter can't be active!
Use only the Booster for 15 non-consecutive minutes -- Air Lifter and Retract can't be active!
Beat someone's score while manually tracking the Feat
Help Sargento with his ambush, meet the mysterious Javi Huerta, and visit Garland King on set
Secure all Small Arms and Heavy Weapons Blueprints
Remove all rigged vehicles from the harbors of Solís
Increase your Army of Chaos Level by filling up the Chaos bar