Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas Trophy List

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First gold medal.
Gold medal all levels in Juba Falls.
Gold medal all levels in Kagunga Forest.
Gold medal all levels in the factory.
Move a single monkey through the jungle.
Throw a single coconut.
Move a team of multiple monkeys.
A group of armed monkeys throws coconuts.
Practice getting Mofongo Tribe moving right at go.
As the enemy moves, wait for the right moment to strike.
Have Mofongo Tribe follow closely behind the enemy.
Have Mofongo Tribe move right between a moving group of enemies.
Get gold in Kagunga Forest's extra levels.
Get a move on... do the hot step!
Master how to use the hot step.
Kagunga Tribe giving idle threats? Stand up to them.
Kagunga Tribe trying to step? Who cares!
Meet with the sage of Kagunga tribe.
Knockdown a building in the Nadges Corp. factory with a bulldozer.
Stun a human in the Nadges factory.
Maybe Google knows.