Jeopardy! Trophy List

Correct! Correct!
Correctly answer a clue.
1st place 1st place
Finish a match in 1st place.
High Risk High Risk
Wager over 25,000$ once.
Good Grades Good Grades
Finish a match with at least 10 correct answers.
Fastest player alive Fastest player alive
Buzz under 200 millisecond.
Specialist Specialist
Correctly answer to all clues within a single category during a match.
Who is Rich? Who is Rich?
Finish a match with at least 75,000$.
Jeopardy! Master Jeopardy! Master
Reach Master Rank 40.
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy
Win 1,000 buzzers.
Welcome! Welcome!
Play your very first game of JEOPARDY!® in any mode.