Jamestown+ Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies for Jamestown+.
Survive the Super Gauntlet.
Survive the Gauntlet on Divine difficulty or higher.
Complete any mission on Judgement difficulty.
Score 500,000 points with a single Vaunt combo.
Complete the 'Partition Rings' challenge level.
Complete the 'Luge' challenge level.
Score 250,000 points with a single Vaunt combo.
Complete any level without dying.
Survive the Gauntlet on any difficulty.
Revive 3 teammates at the same time with a single revive token.
Complete any level with a 5-star rating.
Complete any level without using Vaunt.
Purchase all items from the Shoppe.
Complete any of the challenge levels.
Defeat the Traitor Prince.
Locate the Lost Colony of Roanoke.
Defeat the Lady of the Lake.
Defeat the Dread Sentry.
Defeat the Matriarch.
Defeat the Last Express.
Defeat the Conquistador.
Defeat the Pirate Queen.
Pacify the Heart of Mars.
Survive the Gauntlet as Fortune on Legendary difficulty or higher.
Complete Croatoa as Ghost.
Complete New Madrid as Gunpowder.
Complete Dark Sector as Treason.