Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Trophy List

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Complete Episode 1
Earn 10000 merits
Earn 40000 merits
Earn maximum merits for Episode 1
Reach the Airfield
Survive the First Night in camp
Meet a Bigfoot
Complete your First Puzzle
Complete 10 puzzles
Complete 20 puzzles
Collect 40 soda cans
Collect all soda cans
Collect 3 Gnatnobblers
Collect all Gnatnobblers
Complete Circuit Training in less than 9 moves
Complete That Ain't Sitting Right in less than 13 moves
Complete Pack Mentality in less than 9 moves
Complete Rolling Blunder in less than 27 moves
Complete Log Jam in less than 12 moves
Complete A Note of Friendship in less than 6 moves