INK Trophy List

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Welcome to INK. Good luck! (Die the First Time)
How can you be so bad? (Die 10 times in less than 30 seconds)
What did it ever do you? (Defeat the First Boss)
They just keep coming back! (Defeat 300 enemies)
Better show some respect (Defeat the Second Boss)
Are you OK? (Die 500 times)
i had a feeling something was here...(Find and collect 5 hidden coins)
I've heard bad things about you... (Defeat the Third Boss)
Didn't see me coming now, did ya? (Defeat 6 enemies without touching the ground)
Find 10 hidden messages (Find and collect 10 hidden coins)
Didn't know you could do that (Beat Level 66 without Double Jumping)
Should hide things better next time (Find and collect 20 hidden coins)
You really are amazing! (100% the game)
Nothing can stop you (Beat World 1 without dying)
How have you not had a heart attack yet? (Beat World 2 without dying)
You probably went throught hell to get this. (Beat World 3 without dying)