Infinity Runner Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Run 500 metres.
Run 1000 metres.
Run 5000 metres.
Run 100,000 metres.
Run 400,000 metres.
Run 100 metres without collecting any data packets.
Run 250 metres without collecting any data packets.
Run 350 metres without collecting any data packets.
Collect 100 data packets.
Collect 250 data packets.
Collect 500 data packets.
Collect 1000 data packets.
Collect 6000 data packets.
Win 10 fights.
Win 20 fights.
Win 50 fights.
Score 15,000 points.
Score 30,000 points
Score 65,000 points.
Score 125,000 points.
Score 250,000 points.
Score 500,000 points.
Find 3 collectables.
Find 9 collectables.
Find all the collectables
Watch a cutscene.
Watch all the cutscenes.
Turn off subtitles.
Take a look at the powerups screen.
Become a werewolf for the first time.
Find the Werewolf in the Docks.
Get to the elevator.
Wolf mode the space section.
Turn the music off.
First time in a gravity well.
Die in wolf mode.
Complete the first set of challenges.
Get to an outdoor section.
Complete Engineering.
Complete Brig.
Complete Docks.
Complete Monorail.
Complete Ship Exterior.
Complete Bridge.
Complete Bio Dome.
Complete Engineering on Hard.
Complete the Brig on Hard.
Complete the Docks on Hard.
Complete the Monorail on Hard.
Complete the Ship Exterior on Hard.
Complete the Bridge on Hard.
Complete the Bio Dome on Hard.
Reach maximum wolf level.