Indigo Prophecy Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies (the use of cheats will disable all trophies).
Acquire a crucifix to gain an extra life.
Lucas was sent to the asylum.
Lucas turned himself in.
Carla turned in her gun and badge.
Tyler left his job and headed to Florida with Samantha.
Lucas escaped the murder scene on the subway.
Carla found the knife in the bathroom and the blood outside the diner during "Investigation".
Lucas convinced the officer not to search the bedroom after failing to cover the bloody sheets during "The Day After".
Lucas saved the child during "Confession".
Carla performed 5 "around-the-world" tricks with her yo-yo during "Police Work" without messing up the routine.
Lucas ran from the dust mites and reached the elevator without missing any on-screen movements during "Alternate Reality".
Kate created a very similar composite sketch of Lucas during "Tyler & Kate".
Lucas's mental health was raised by 55 before Tiffany arrives during "Lost Love".
Lucas convinced Tiffany to stay the night during "Lost Love".
Lucas saved all three hiding boys before the timer expired during "Hide & Seek".
Carla won a rematch against Tyler during "Friendly Combat".
Carla found the Kirsten file without panicking during "Debriefing".
Tyler found the book for Takeo but did not divulge his profession.
Lucas passed Agatha's hypnosis session without failing during "Agatha".
Carla lasted 100 seconds at the shooting range with at least 80% accuracy during "Questions & Bullets".
Tyler made fun of Jeffrey and won the basketball game during "Double or Quits".
Marcus pulled Lucas up from the balcony during "The Storm".
Carla discovered the origin of the bookmark on the Web and went to the bank during "Dark Omen".
Tyler discovered the origin of the bookmark after examining the newspaper and went to the bank during "Dark Omen".
Lucas hid the evidence and didn't raise any suspicion during "Face Off".
Lucas pried the birdcage open with a knife during "Back to Agatha".
Carla linked The Tempest to two different pieces of evidence during "Happy Anniversary".
Carla used the telephone list and the taxi list to implicate Lucas in the murder during "Happy Anniversary".
Lucas escaped the police without failing an action sequence during "Confrontation".
Lucas opened Tiffany's window without breaking the glass and didn't alert Tyler to his hiding spot during "The Fugitive".
Carla reached the control room without panicking during "Janos".
Dr. Kuriakin taught Lucas about Oracles before meeting his demise during "Meeting Kuriakin".
Lucas saw the entire vision of the Oracle during "The Clan".
Marcus survived during "Danger and Ubiquity".
Carla didn't pull her weapon on Lucas and formed an alliance during "The Pact".
Tyler quit the force and left for Florida after Carla lied to him during "Frozen to the Bone".
Lucas escaped the Oracle and police helicopters without losing a life during "Where is Jade".
Carla fixed the broken radio, but received some bad news during "Bogart".
Lucas delivered Jade to the altar.
The Cyborg Creature delivered Jade to the altar.
The Oracle delivered Jade to the altar.
Complete every chapter on Hard difficulty.
Collect the bonus Tarot Card following the credits.
Collect every Tarot Card.
Unlock all of the Gallery art.
Unlock every soundtrack.
Unlock every movie.
See all endings.