In Death Trophy List

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Complete Paradise Lost using the crossbow
Deal 1,000,000 damage in one afterlife
Score 126 headshots in one afterlife
Score 666 headshots in one afterlife
Loot 24,000 gold pieces in one afterlife
Kill 21 enemies within a short time period
Exterminate 251 Abominations
Exterminate 3001 Abominations
Slaughter 233 Monks
Slaughter 3033 Monks
Slay 80 Temple Knights
Slay 2190 Temple Knights
Banish 181 Ghosts
Banish 1701 Ghosts
Kill 149 Incubi
Execute 69 Banshees
Execute 409 Banshees
Murder 266 Cupids
Murder 3666 Cupids
Bring salvation to 103 Orphans
Make the most unbelievably long Headshot
Kill a large number of enemies with a single Curse
Kill a large number of enemies with a single Tempest
Kill 666 enemies who haven't noticed your presence
Knock a Cupid out of the sky using your shield
Save 7 Orphans in one afterlife
Kill 266 Burning enemies
Kill 266 Cursed enemies
Kill 266 Frozen enemies
Kill 666 Poisoned enemies
Kill 101 enemies with Wrath of God
Kill 101 enemies with Combat arrows
Kill 666 enemies with Azure Fury
Kill 666 enemies with Cataclysm
Kill 666 enemies with Barrage of Needles
Kill 101 enemies with Incursion
Kill 666 with Tempest
Kill 666 enemies with Ball of Lightning
Complete Purgatory without spending gold
Defeat Anakim The Abominable at full health
Complete Paradise Lost without spending gold
Defeat Gabriel The Fallen at full health
Complete Purgatory in 26 minutes
Complete Pit of Immolation in 7 minutes
Complete Pit of Perdition in 8 minutes
Complete Pit of Reformation in 9 minutes
Complete Paradise Lost in 21 minutes