Immortal Redneck Trophy List

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Obtained all Immortal Redneck trophies
Defeat Pharaoh
Defeat Maaty
Defeat Asyut
Defeat Weryt
Defeat Temsep
Defeat Fayoum
Beat the game
Beat the game with 20 lives or less
Beat the game using all the favors of the Gods
Reach the second floor of the pyramid
Buy every Skill Tree node
Buy every level of each Skill Tree node
Obtain Apis' Favor
Obtain Seth's Favor
Obtain Sekhmet's Favor
Obtain Amunet's Favor
Obtain Neith's Favor
Obtain Thoth's Favor
Obtain Hathor's Favor
Obtain Ammit's Favor
The Merchant is open for business
Equip all the weapons
Acquire four jumps in a game
Complete a Skill Room
Kill a chicken
Find the Crowbar, the Rocket Launcher and the Explosive Bow
Defeat Pharaoh in under 15 minutes from when you enter the pyramid
Die 50 times
Get 10 scrolls in a game
Pay 5,000 coins or more as a tribute
Get more than 50,000 coins in a game
Use Déjà Vu to keep the layout of a pyramid
Nice try but sorry, you're trapped in here
Spend 100,000 coins on the Skill Tree
Kill 25,000 minions
Find 80 different scrolls
Complete a pyramid without taking scrolls or weapons
Complete a pyramid exploring all of its rooms
Kill 7 enemies with a single explosion
Find your first map
Get a health steak from a vessel
Beat the game with the Plague Medallion
Beat the game with the Cursed Medallion
Unlock and buy every medallion