I am Bread Trophy List

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Obtain all other Trophies
Get an A++ on a Story level
Get an A++ on a Cheese Hunt level
Get an A++ on a Rampage level
Get an A++ on a Bagel Race level
Get an A++ on a Zero Gravity level
Complete all Story Levels (Before Epilogue)
Complete all Cheese Hunt Levels
Complete all Rampage Levels
Complete all Bagel Levels
Complete all Zero G Levels
A++ all Story levels
A++ all Rampage levels
A++ all Cheese Hunt levels
A++ all Zero G levels
A++ all Bagel races
Launch the Rocket
Break the TV
Use the Hairdryer
Start the Chainsaw
Start the Lawnmower
Start the car
Finish a Cheese Hunt level with 100% integrity
Finish a Story level with 100% edibility. No Marmalade allowed.
Finish a Zero G level using less than 100 fuel
Finish a Story level using Magic Marmalade
Finish a Story level with both sides covered in jam (jelly)
Finish a Story level with exactly 1% edibility
Climb atop the Garbage Truck on Story Mode
Use more than one heat source to toast yourself in a single Story run.
Spill the salt
Stand upright on the skateboard and ride it for 1m or more as the Wholemeal bread
Completely cover yourself in butter and get toasted!
Become inedible.
Stay airborne for over 5 seconds on any mode except Zero Gravity