Hob Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies
Forge your first sword
Add punch ability to glove
Add warp ability to glove
Repair the Great Conduit
Raise Forest
Raise Tower
Add grapple ability to glove
Raise Water
Cleanse the Reservoir
Find The Titan
Find Great Core 1/3
Restore all the waterways
Find Great Core 2/3
Rescue all the sprites
Find Great Core 3/3
Awaken the Titan
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously
Lure 10 enemies to fall to their death
Use enemies to kill 15 enemies for you
Pet any animal
Discover every vista
Collect all butterflies
Acquire all cloaks
Fully upgrade your health
Fully upgrade your energy
Fully upgrade your sword
Activate lore room 1/5
Activate lore room 2/5
Activate lore room 3/5
Activate lore room 4/5
Activate lore room 5/5
Complete the game with less than 5 deaths
Speedrun the game within 5 hours
Complete the game with no sword, health, energy, or workshop upgrades
Make a choice at The Tower
Make a choice at The Tower