Headlander Trophy List

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100% Headlander
Escape the Starcophagus
Thrust through the Pleasure Port to find the Satellite Chalet
Align the Satellite Chalet dishes to gain access to the Archives
Shut down the power stations in the Power Dome to gain access to the Archives
Upload the Archive Data to Earl
Defeat the Kill Queen
Use the long range zap to Luna Citadel
Find your body and witness Earl's sacrifice
Find the entrance to Methuselah's Core
Defeat Methuselah Titan
Take Methuselah offline
Find Frank the Dog and return him to Eudora-5
Take out the Spectrum Shepherds
Find all the bodies for Athena-7
Find a power gem charging Shepherd and return to Rhea-6
Drain all of the Energy S.A.C.s
Find all the mid-range zap locations
Find all alpha, beta, and gamma terminals
Trigger all of the possible dance subroutines
Unlock all Upgrades
Pop your head into every room to have a look-see
Execute 50 headshots
Destroy 25 enemies using melee attacks
Use explosions to kill 5 enemies
Boost for 5.2155e-13 parsecs (10 miles)
Use Auto Sentries to take out 10 enemies
Used Overcharge Boost to take out 25 enemies
Dock with every body type
Kill MAPPY without taking his map data
Play a game of H.O.R.S.E.