Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Trophy List

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Unlock all achievements.
Catch all fish.
Harvest all crops.
Harvest all flowers.
Mine all gems and ore.
Cook all recipes.
Record all items in the encyclopedia.
Win the Cooking Festival, Fishing Festival and the Dog Race on Advanced.
Reach the bottom of the mine.
Learn the basics of farming.
Place the first stone tablet by the lighthouse.
Get an axe to cut down trees.
Get a fishing rod to catch fish.
Place two stone tablets by the lighthouse.
Get a hammer to break rocks and mine ore.
Place three stone tablets by the lighthouse.
Make strawberry jam and revive the Harvest Goddess.
Place four stone tablets by the lighthouse.
Place the last stone tablet by the lighthouse and revive the island.
Become friends with someone.
Become closer to a friend.
Become a good friend with someone.
Become more than friends with someone.
Propose marriage to someone.
Get married to someone.
Have a child.
Using medicine, cure your child from Petrifaction.
Have your child grow up.