Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Plant 20 crops.
Win a milk drinking contest.
Win a game of Territory Capture.
Catch a fish.
Have a cow give birth to a new calf.
Milk a cow for the first time.
Produce a bottle of S-grade milk.
Attract a duck to your pond.
Acquire some Golden Wool.
Hatch a chicken.
Ride a horse for the first time.
Cook an Entrée.
Hybridize two hybrid crops to create something new.
Construct all of the buildings.
Fill all of your dog's hearts.
Fill every tool slot in the Toolshed.
Collect 10 different records.
Successfully clean Nina's grave.
Dig up all of the tablets.
Attend all four festivals.
Haggle with Van to purchase a goat for less than 4,000G.
Heal a sick animal.
Help the Harvest Sprites find a "nice".
Use the Alarm Clock to wake yourself up.
Complete the first chapter.
Complete the second chapter.
Complete the third chapter.
Complete the fourth chapter.
Complete the fifth chapter.
Complete the final chapter.