Harmonix Music VR Trophy List

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Played a song in each of the 4 worlds.
Made and completed a playlist of 9 songs or more.
Played an imported song.
Played the same song twice in a row.
Activated all 10 visualization objects in the Beach.
Spent over a minute in a single visualization in The Beach.
Found the jellyfish.
Didn't trigger a single visualization for an entire song in The Beach.
Barely moved your head for an entire song in The Trip.
Looked behind you in The Trip
Played ten songs in The Trip.
Used all of the brush tools in The Easel.
Placed 100 objects in The Easel.
Saved and loaded a creation in The Easel.
Flung a Dance Party character into the cold void.
Scored 99 points in a single song in Dance Party.
Scratched the record for 5 seconds straight in the Dance Party DJ booth.
Hit the airhorn 20 times in a single song.
Fired the party cannon 50 times in a single song.