Handball 16 Trophy List

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All trophies have been unlocked.
Complete 50 passes in a match.
Stop a 7-metre throw for the first time.
Score on a 7-metre throw for the first time.
Score a goal with a spin shot for the first time.
Draw a match.
Commit a foul by pushing an opponent.
Intercept a ball for the first time.
Start a career.
Win a match for the first time.
Play your first match.
Activate a tactic at each position in a match.
Intercept the ball 5 times in a match.
Block 5 shots in a match.
Finish your first season in any mode.
Score 5 goals in a row.
Maximize a skill.
Maximize half of your skills.
Lead the match from start to finish.
Regain the lead in the second half.
Don't commit an offense foul during a team match.
Win a match by 10 goals.
Finish all the challenges.
Win a season in any mode.
Be recruited by a 4-star team.
Raise all of your skills as far as possible.