Trophy List

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Got all the trophies. Well done! You're a beautiful person with your whole life ahead of you.
Completed chapter one.
Completed chapter two.
Completed chapter three.
Got a bad ending.
Got the normal ending.
Finished Hijikata's route.
Finished Okita's route.
Finished Saito's route.
Finished Toudou's route.
Finished Kazama's route.
Unlocked all Hijikata images.
Unlocked all Okita images.
Unlocked all Saito images.
Unlocked all Toudou images.
Unlocked all Harada images.
Unlocked all Kazama images.
Unlocked all miscellaneous images.
Unlocked all movies.
Unlocked every encyclopedia entry.
Completed your tour of duty.
Unlocked all of the Memories.
Reached 10% bloom.
Reached 20% bloom.
Reached 50% bloom.
Reached 70% bloom.
Full bloom!
Remembered Hijikata.
Remembered Okita.
Remembered Saito.
Remembered Toudou.
Remembered Harada.
Remembered Kazama.
Unlocked all themes, period.