Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Trophy List

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All trophies for Edo Blossoms obtained.
Hijikata's route started.
Okita's route started.
Saito's route started.
Toudou's route started.
Harada's route started.
Nagakura's route started.
Sanan's route started.
Yamazaki's route started.
Iba's route started.
Souma's route started.
Sakamoto's route started.
Kazama's route started.
Yukimura's route started.
Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Toudou, Harada, Kazama's routes have started.
Nagakura, Sanan, Yamazaki's routes have started.
Iba, Souma, Sakamoto's routes have started.
Hijikata's route cleared.
Okita's route cleared.
Saito's route cleared.
Toudou's route cleared.
Harada's route cleared.
Nagakura's route cleared.
Sanan's route cleared.
Yamazaki's route cleared.
Iba's route cleared.
Souma's route cleared.
Sakamoto's route cleared.
Kazama's route cleared.
Yukimura's route cleared.
Every "Game Over" viewed.
All Bad Endings viewed.
All Unrequited Endings viewed.
All Ending Movies unlocked.
All Event CGs unlocked.
All Encyclopedia Terms unlocked.