Gunscape Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies in Gunscape!
Created first map
Published first map
Played first FFA DM game
Played first Team DM game
Played first Team CTF game
Played first Gun game
Played first Infection game
Killed first Mech-man
Killed first T-Rex
Placed first block
Placed 100 blocks
Placed 10,000 blocks
Placed first Checkpoint
Placed first CTF Flag
Rated first map up
Rated first map down
Completed first Blowfish campaign map
Completed the Blowfish campaign
Built a multi-map campaign
Killed first player
1,000 player kills
Killed 50 players with Speargun tripwire
Killed 500 players with Gauss Rifle
Froze the ground and did a slide
Killed 1,000 players with PFG
Punched 50 players to death
Killed 500 players with Dual Zhotguns
Backstabbed 5 players with a knife
Killed 100 players with ID Disc
Killed 100 players with the Flamethrower
Killed 1,000 players with the E-Bow
Won 50 Deathmatch games
Won 25 CTF games
Won 25 Infection games
Won 25 Survival games
Programmed 5 Terminals
Published 20 maps
Stole 25 flags
Returned 25 flags
Killed yourself 50 times
Killed 100 AI enemies
Killed 5,000 AI enemies