Gundemonium Recollection Trophy List

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Many celestials was in their hands. You're the shooting master!
Dances danced in the shadow of the moon.
Train robber was shot dead.
Cieligne broke.
Rushed into the gundemonium.
The girl should be ascension.
Complete with gun mausoleum.
Wise will touched.
Reach the other side of nirvana.
Have a laugh once in a while she can.
Various possibilities I saw in their eyes.
Broke the back of the Moon's face.
Smash the cross of profanity.
Defeating all blow the volcano.
The shattered storm pumpkin maze.
Killed all the green aliens.
Pierced the heart of the King of swords.
Suffered the wrath of the Queen of the Dragonhead, three times.
Endured the fist of death and beat it.
Save the soul of all life.
Should not raise the defense of the dead.
Got a brilliant victory for the agent.
There is a way to win and win over time.
Won the apostle who came from the abyss that was lost.
Honored with the greed.
Never loosen the hand is not.
In aims to record great glory!
Daring Challenger fear assault.
Who does not fear to happiness!
To cause ultimate retribution.
Thou shalt not fear more than death.
Death caught a glimpse, at the other end.
Encounter with the emissaries of illegal acts, was well understood.