Gravity Crash Trophy List

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Kill 255 gun or missile turrets
Rescue 50 stranded crewmen
Defeat any boss
Complete 'Norova' level without refuelling or dying
Refuel your ship after the fuel depleted warning message is displayed
Complete 'Vectora' level without firing a single shot
Let a homing missile chase you until it runs out of fuel
Unlock any secret level
Activate every node in the game, including those in secret levels
Collect a total of 10 purple gems across different levels
Create and publish a level then have it rated by 5 users
In manual shield mode, save yourself with only 5% of the shield remaining
Complete all training lessons
Find 5 user created levels you like, and rate the creators
Collect all artifact pieces
Find all gems in every level
Beat the recommended time on 10 levels
Have rear, side and 3-way fire simultaneously
Gain a score of 1,048,576
Finish the single player campaign game