Grand Kingdom Trophy List

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Congratulations on getting all the trophies!
You are now affiliated with the Guild.
You finally obtained a Golden Baku!
You hired a new unit.
Forged something at the blacksmith.
Upgraded equipment at the blacksmith.
Synthesized equipment at the blacksmith.
Finished off an enemy with an Assist.
Used Grit to avoid an enemy attack.
Visited each capital of the Four Great Nations.
Removed every type of obstacle on the field.
Met and received treatment from all 4 Healing Sisters.
Walked 20000 steps.
Went to all areas on a Travel Quest.
Defeated every Bounty Head!
Reach 99 in any stat on any unit.
Performed a Class Up!
Leveled a unit to level 99!
Learned every possible skill on one of your units.
Obtained 20 flags.
Obtain 150 total policy points.
Achieved Mercenary Rank of S!
Knocked back a unit 8 character-lengths.
Launched a unit 9 character-heights.
Dealt 20000 damage with one attack.
Performed a 99-hit combo during one turn.
Achieve victory while morale is low.
Achieve victory with just 1 HP remaining.
Killed 2 enemies simultaneously.
Killed 3 enemies simultaneously!
Killed an enemy using knockback damage.
Destroyed an object while a unit was on top of it.
Killed an invisible unit while it was still invisible.
Prepared to flee from battle, then fled after a unit died.
Attack an ally unit with an area-of-effect attack.
Die by stepping on a hazard.
An ally was eaten by a Slime.
A Rogue picked up a item containing explosives.
An ally Shaman reflected an attack to kill an enemy.
Win a battle using the Challenger's self-destruct skill, resulting in a double KO.
Defeated the Grand Mercenary Squad with a lower-level squad.
Equip glasses on one of your units.
Adjust a quest's difficulty before clearing it.
Clear a Target Quest with just one unit.
Clear a Destination Quest without using field skills and items. (Spy Quests excluded)
Clear a Destination Quest without engaging in battle! (Spy Quests excluded)