Graceful Explosion Machine Trophy List

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Graceful-est Explosion Machine
Complete Tutorial 1
All weapons active
Complete Magentos Prime
Complete Quartz Catacombia
Complete Scarlet Epsilon
Complete the game
Complete every WARP+ level
Replay a level and get an improved rank
First A Rank
First S Rank
First S+ Rank
S Rank an entire planet
S Rank all planets
Finish a level without taking damage (excluding tutorial levels)
Complete a phase without dropping the combo multiplier
Get a 16x combo
Get a 32x combo
Get a 48x combo
Destroy 30 bullets using the Energy Sword in a single level
Get 20 hits with a single Sniper Beam blast
Fire 100+ Missiles in a level
Perform a 4x (or greater) combo that uses every weapon
Finish a level without flipping (excluding tutorial levels)
Die with less than 10% left on the Enemies Left meter