Trophy List

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Acquire all Trophies
Pass the Compatibility Test
Win a battle against Aragami
Arise in Power of Blood
Defeat Yan-Zhi
May his spirit rest in peace
Avenged Marduk, the killing of a dear fellow
Succeed in releasing the patients
The Final Predation is about to be launched
Set off on a never-ending battle, his power of will aside
Defeat Nyx-Alpha
Defeat Kabbala-Kabbala
That's one small step for man
Defeat Spartacus
Defeat Magatsu-Kyuubi
Go on a battle with a mastered Blood-Art
Prey on an Aragami
Link-Aid a fellow
Link-Burst a fellow
Get a Link-Burst from a fellow
Get SSS Rank in 10 Missions
Get SSS Rank in 20 Missions
Get SSS Rank in 50 Missions