Girl Fight Trophy List

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Successfully perform 10,000 punches and kicks.
Block 1,000 strikes in battle.
Win 5 matches with nothing but kicks.
Win 5 matches with nothing but punches.
Win 10 matches with nothing but throws.
Win 100 matches.
Win 25 rounds without taking any damage.
Win a match with less than 5% health.
Block an opponent's grab 50 times.
Win 5 rounds with full Psi meter.
Earn 1,000 bars of Psi.
Travel over 10,000 meters in battle.
Win 10 matches with Seismic Fist.
Win 5 rounds with a throw from behind.
Earn and equip two Level 3 Psi Amps and finish a match.
Strike the first blow in 25 rounds.
Fight against every opponent and fight in every stage in the game.
Win 3 consecutive Ranked Matches online.