Gintama Rumble Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies.
Acquired S rating for all Gintama Chronicles scenarios.
Unlocked all skills for all playable characters.
Collected all Super Silver Orbs.
Unlocked all Gintama Chronicles Achievements.
Viewed all Gintama Chronicles Special Finishes.
Carried out maximum upgrades for a single playable character.
Unlocked all playable characters.
Cleared Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble with all playable characters.
Completed all Gintama Motion Pictures.
Cleared Prologue.
Cleared the Chronicle Benizakura.
Cleared the Chronicle Yoshiwara In Flames.
Cleared the Chronicle Kabukicho's Four Deities.
Cleared the Chronicle Baragaki.
Cleared the Chronicle Nation's Courtesan.
Cleared the Chronicle Shogun's Assassination.
Cleared the Chronicle Farewell, Shinsengumi.
Cleared the Chronicle Battle at Rakuyo.
Cleared the Side Stories.
Activated a Gintama Chronicles Special Finish.
Unlocked more than 30 Gintama Chronicles Achievements.
Activated Super Silver Orb Set Abilities.
Activated Hurricane Clash.
Used a Special Skill.
Defeated 100 enemies during a single Awakening.
Achieved 1,000 kills in a single battle.
Achieved 1,500 kills in a single battle.
Achieved 2,000 combos in a single battle.
Achieved 5,000 combos in a single battle.
Activated 3 Ginpachinko in a single battle.
Activated 5 Ginpachinko in a single battle.
Activated Awakening Rumble 5 times in a single battle.
Executed Just Guard 10 times in a single battle.
Acquired 5 Red Bean Buns in a single battle.
Defeated over 10,000 enemies.
Defeated over 100,000 enemies.
Defeated over 5,000 enemies while in Awakening mode.
Defeated over 1,000 enemies with Awakening Rumble.
Cleared Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble.
Defeated a Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble Interloper boss in your last turn.
Defeated all Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble Interloper bosses.
Won a battle without taking any damage.
Defeated 50 enemies with Mosaic activated.
Acquired the Shigeshige Tokugawa Silver Orb.
Defeated 100 enemies as Cello.
Acquired 3,000,000 Pachi Orbs.
Viewed all Gintama Motion Picture tutorials.
Acquired 100 Super Silver Orbs.
Acquired all costumes.