Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Trophy List

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Finish first 100 Winter levels
Obtain a total of 100 stars
Obtain a total of 500 stars
Obtain a total of 1 Million points
Obtain 50,000 Points on one level
Obtain 150,000 Points on one level
Combine 30 Windchill gems
Combine 25 Windchill and Iceberg gems
Combine 20 Windchill and Glacier gems
Combine 15 Double Iceberg gems
Combine 10 Iceberg and Glacier gems
Combine 5 Double Glacier gems
Throw 10 snowballs in a round
Dodge 3 snowballs in a round
Throw 3 super snowballs in a round
Beat your opponent with 10 different characters
Complete 50 Snowball Fights