Foul Play Trophy List

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Completed Play 1
Completed Play 2
Completed Play 3
Completed Play 4
Completed Play 5
Leveled up for the first time
Reached Level 6
Reached Level 12
First Charm unlocked
6 Charms unlocked
12 Charms unlocked
All Charms unlocked
You earned your first 5 Star performance
25 Stars collected
50 Stars collected
75 Stars collected
All Stars collected
Played with 2 Charms equipped
Equipped 2 Team Charms
You achieved a x50 combo
You achieved a x100 combo
You achieved a x200 combo
Remained in the air for 15 seconds
Performed 50 Perfect Scenes
Performed 50 Cannonball Combos
Performed 100 Stunning Piledrivers
Performed 50 Ace Returns
Performed 100 Magnificent Combos
Performed 50 Stage Crasher moves
Performed 30 'Heads-Up' moves