Fossil Hunters Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies!
Have all of your friends drop out in a multiplayer game.
Complete all of The Collector's requests.
Finish the game.
Collect all destruction trophies.
Drop a golden idol in a pit.
Transport 12 or more items with the elevator.
Have a fossil eaten by a crawler.
Have a fossil smashed by a lavamander.
Have a fossil covered in moss.
Have a fossil smashed by a cave-in.
Collect a golden idol.
Collect all golden idols.
Pick up an idol from the treasure hoard.
Collect all Digsite journal entries.
Collect all Mushroom Caverns journal entries.
Collect all Magma Chamber journal entries.
Collect all Abyss journal entries.
Collect all journal entries.
Rearrange the furniture in the lab.
Leap the maximum distance.
Die in a pit 100 times.
Drop 50 fossils in pits.
Play as each of the Fossil Hunters.
Have all three power-ups active at once.
Pick up the Sammy rock and bring it to the elevator.
Unlock a schematic door.
Unlock all schematic doors.
Unlock the bridge shopkeep.
Unlock the dynamite shopkeep.
Unlock the support shopkeep.
Make a skeleton.
Make 10 skeletons.
Make 50 skeletons.
Make 100 skeletons.
Build 15 big skeletons.
Build 10 huge skeletons.
Build 5 colossal skeletons.
Submit a skeleton with every piece damaged.
Submit 50 clean & pristine skeletons.
Use 20 bridges.
Use 20 dynamite barrels.
Use 20 supports.
Prevent death with a dodge roll.
Unlock the lamp shopkeep.