Forgotton Anne Trophy List

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You've been all around the Forgotten Lands. Thank you for your time!
Turn on bedside lamp
Say 'hi' to Pavil
Converse with the Practice Dummy
Take a breather in the storage room
Take CCU to Struct
Examine PAX's secret room
Catch Quill
Get Magnum to do your dirty work
Overhearing private conversations
Discover Rocket
Try on dress
Speak to all forgotlings at Scrappers
Don't fall during Roof Chase
Don't get jumped by lost pieces
Find way through sewers without getting lost
Keep a steady pace while pumping
Keep up with Fig
Instill all fallen rebels
Overtake Fig
Listen to Fig's entire monologue before distilling him
Don't distill Tiphany
Revisit balcony
Examine all books
Get past Tink without tearing her apart
Sit on all chairs
Wing-jump 100 times
Take 1000 stair steps
Complete game
Read 10 diary entries
Collect two mementos
Collect half of all mementos
Collect all mementos
Don't distill any forgotling