Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Completed an achievement.
Completed 50% of the achievements.
Defeated Shin.
Completed the Prologue.
Completed Chapter 1.
Completed Chapter 2.
Completed Chapter 3.
Completed Chapter 4.
Completed Chapter 5.
Completed Chapter 6.
Completed Chapter 7.
Completed Chapter 8.
Completed Chapter 9.
Completed Chapter 10.
Completed the Final Chapter.
Stare at Xsana in First Person Mode for 3 minutes straight.
Use a flamethrower to "purge" Thouzer.
Let Toki get over his mid-battle coughing fit.
Complete the game on EXTRA HARD difficulty.
Complete all substories.
Proof of being a true bounty hunter.
Treat a large amount of Eden's citizens.
Defeat 500 enemies in Eden.
Complete 50 encounters each in Eden and the Wasteland, 5 scripted encounters, and 5 in-store battles.
Barter trade 100 times.
Obtain all Savior armor.
Obtain a wide variety of accessories.
Obtain all Destiny Talismans. (Excludes DLC.)
Refine all Destiny Talismans to level 7. (Excludes DLC.)
Earn 10,000,000 IDL total.
Spend 10,000,000 IDL total.
Use all Hokuto Shinken secret techniques.
Defeat a master from another world.
Defeat a villain from another world.
Defeat the man who faced you as a true demon.
Defeat Toki at his strongest.
Unlock 3 abilities.
Unlock 50 abilities.
Unlock all abilities.
Complete the Deathcry Collection.
Break the "Hidebu" weapon 20 times.
Retrieved 1000 items out in the Wasteland.
Drive backwards in the buggy for a total of 10km.
Drive 500km in the buggy.
Obtain a wide variety of buggy parts.
Win all 5 races on Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced difficulty.
Order every menu item at all eateries.
Complete all Manager Ken missions.
Gather all 30 hostesses in Manager Ken.
Win all competitions and duels in the Colosseum.
Win all duels.
Perform a perfect combo in Ken's Clinic for all songs.
Obtain Rank S in Bartender Ken.
Obtain Rank S on all Death Batting difficulties.
Obtain 100,000 chips at the Casino.
Obtain all prizes in the crane game.
Play all hidden games found in the Wasteland.
Make 100,000 IDL in Merchant Ken.