Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Trophy List

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Collected all trophies!
Killed all enemies in 3 dungeons.
Broke 50 enemies.
Start battle using warp-strike 30 times.
Parried 50 times.
Activated royal arms 10 times.
Issued 50 ally commands.
Collected thirteen royal arms.
Activated 65 ability nodes.
Cooked all recipes.
Completed all treasure hunts.
Found all hidden cactuars.
Completed the Prologue.
The journey begun.
Helped Dave retrieve the dog tag.
Warp-killed a total of 8 enemies at the Ostium Gorge.
Acquired the Sword of the Wise.
Acquired the Axe of the Conquerer.
Killed 10 enemies with the turret in Keycatrich Ruins.
CHAPTER 2 Dodged all of Arachne's AoE attacks.
Acquired the Swords of the Wanderer.
Completed Titan's trial.
Broke 4 icicles in Greyshire Grotto.
Completed Titan's trial without missing any QTEs.
Summoned one of the Six for the first time.
Double jumped over all obstacles in a chocobo riding level.
Completed all Chocobo interactions at Wiz Chocobo post.
Defeated the Naga without being poisoned.
Set off for Altissia.
Defeated Quetzalcoatl with Aranea's Highwind command move.
Cleared out the Power Plant under 2 minutes.
Sifted through 5 piles of rubble.
Completed Leviathan's trial.
Completed Leviathan's trial without missing any QTEs.
Had a custom portrait drawn of Noct and co.
Completed all side-quests in Altissia.
Acquired the Katana of the Warrior.
Defeated the Malboro without being hit by its bad breath attack.
Discovered the hidden Gigantuar.
Defeated the Malboro with fire magic.
Acquired the Trident of the Oracle.
Met the watchful gaze of Shiva.
Found the hidden treasure in Tenebrae.
Found all cactuars in Tenebrae.
Acquired the Sword of the Father.
Acquired the power of kings.
Made it to Gralea without crashing the Regalia into anything.
Defeated Ravus without being hit by his vacuum wave attack.
Reunited with your companions after 10 years.
Defeated Ifrit.
Defeated Ardyn.