Final Fantasy IX Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Defeat 10000 enemies.
Purchase all items available from Stiltzkin.
Uncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall.
Cause Moguo to have a tantrum.
Raise your chocobo's beak level to 99.
Visit every beach in Gaia.
Locate all hidden treasures on the world map.
Repair the machine at Mognet Central.
Obtain a bottle of Superslick.
Successfully catch 99 frogs.
Successfully catch a golden frog.
Win 10 items at the Treno Auction House.
Obtain the sacred blade Excalibur.
Correctly answer all the questions in Ragtime Mouse's pop quiz.
Gain the favor of all friendly enemies.
Defeat Ozma.
Obtain a miniature copy of the Prima Vista.
Receive 10 rewards from Queen Stella.
Obtain the Hammer.
Receive certification as a Rank S Treasure Hunter.
Defeat Behemoth in the Treno weapon shop using Dagger.
Jump rope 1000 times without tripping and obtain King of Jump Rope.
Jump rope 100 times without tripping.
Have the nobles demand an encore.
Win with Vivi during the Festival of the Hunt.
Attain level 99 with at least one character.
Obtain Madain's Ring via mining.
Free Kuppo from a wall in Fossil Roo.
Obtain Athlete Queen.
Beat the Nero Brothers' shuffling game nine times in a row.
Win a Tetra Master match.
Win 10 Tetra Master matches. (Certain NPCs can be re-challenged to increase your win count after progressing through the game.)
Win 100 Tetra Master matches. (Certain NPCs can be re-challenged to increase your win count after progressing through the game.)
Have a single character affected by all status ailments (both beneficial and detrimental).
Enter trance 50 times.
View 79 Active Time Events.
Obtain 4 moonstones.
Obtain Kain's Lance.
Obtain the Tower.
Obtain the Rune Claws.
Obtain the Angel Flute.
Obtain the Mace of Zeus.
Obtain the Gastro Fork.
Obtain Excalibur II.
Obtain the Whale Whisker.
Obtain the Tiger Racket.
Obtain the Ultima Weapon.
Obtain the complete set of Genji armor.
Receive a Very Good Omen from a color fortune.
Guide all the residents of Cleyra to safety.